Al Waha Villas is an exclusive gated residential community at the heart of Dubailand. A luxurious enclave of 260 Mediterranean-styled exclusive villas set among endless rows of towering palm trees and manicured gardens. With its architecture's unique lines and curves, terracotta roofs, warm colours, and cobbled driveways, Al Waha Villas is a stunning architectural concept in a backdrop of perennial blue skies. One of Dubai's mega real estate development projects, Dubailand is set to become the Middle East's largest destination for familyoriented activities, tourism and entertainment. Situated alongside the national Emirates Road, Dubailand will cover an area of three billion square feet with features of top innovative attractions and theme parks. These include the dinosaur theme park, 'The Restless Planet', being developed in cooperation with UK's Natural History Museum; a Sports City featuring large state-of-the-art stadiums and academies including Tiger Woods Dubai; the Great Dubai Wheel; a gigantic water park; the Islamic Culture and Science World; and the Mall of Arabia, set to become one of world's largest shopping centres.

مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas


Layout of flat


مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas


مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas



مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas


مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas


مخطط فيلا الواحه -دبى Al Waha Villas


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