Mirador is Islamabad’s very own Portuguese-style estate at Canyon Views. Created for families, each villa is united with the community through the common architectural theme, reflected through richly toned terracotta-tiled roofs, wrought iron detailing, and textured stucco exteriors glow in the golden light, with colors that vary from soft yellow to golden wheat and warm beige. Mirador Villas are ideal for the sun-soaked climate of Islamabad.

At Mirador, superb attention to detail and craftsmanship is instilled in every structure, with double hung windows opening out to expansive balconies that enjoy views of the greenery and splendor around them. Living in Mirador is all about coming home to a place where life is good.
Wandering through the Mirador neighbourhood for the first time after moving in, you’ll know this is the reason you’ve worked so hard to get where you have. At Mirador, your home is your comfort, your castle. It’s as brilliant as you are.

The moment you enter a Mirador villa, you’ll know it’s where you were meant to be. You’ll find Portuguese style decorative detailing where you least expect it, expansive kitchens with elegant cabinetry and granite countertops, high ceilings, wrought-iron light fittings and a fireplace for long winter nights. With a choice of colour palettes for the interior to set the mood for every room, and the option to enhance the finishes to an elevated level of luxury, you’ll transform the villa into a beautiful home, personalised for you and your family.

In line with Emaar’s extensive experience in delivering superb lifestyle developments, Mirador will continue the world-famous tradition of incorporating the conveniences of modern life in a safe and secure setting. At Mirador, the safety of you and your family is assured. Canyon Views is a gated community protected by security controls, CCTV cameras and monitored access at every entrance.

Villa Type B2 5 Bedrooms Total Area 4628 Sq Ft


Villa Type B2 5 Bedrooms Total Area 4628 Sq Ft


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