Chapal Flora Residences - villa Narges


Chapal Flora Residences - villa Narges




Chapal Flora Residences - villa Narges

Chapal Flora Residences to bring back the warm spirit of belonging to a community that has all but vanished in the fast paced modern world with its anonymous, high rise lifestyles.” This philosophy is clearly evident in the development which will have almost half its space reserved for community areas including scenic public park, mosque, gardens, play areas, tennis courts, swimming pools, health clubs, shopping centres, and other facilities that cater to the residents’ needs. This community environment will result in an enhanced quality of family and social life, and make Chapal Flora Residences one of the most desirable residential locations in the country.

The development has been designed by internationally renowned architect, Adnan Saffarini. Their reputation for elegant elevations and meticulous attention to detail will ensure these modern style villas are perfect in every way. The villas have been designed to create a feeling of spaciousness inside to complement the wide open spaces outside, with particular attention being given to good finishing and high standards of quality in workmanship as well as the fittings used.

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